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Get your business off to the best start by learning how to attract funding, win customers and promote your products and services.
Our online learning courses, useful guides and interviews with business owners can help you navigate the early days of your new business.

rom attracting customers and building a brand to hiring staff and navigating the law, our guidance content can help your business get off to a great start:

  • Marketing – discover how to attract customers and market on a shoestring, and learn essential modern marketing techniques
  • Funding – learn how to overcome funding barriers, how equity investment works and how to price your products and services
  • Skills – understand the skills that can help establish your new business, from legal requirements to overcoming typical challenges

Explore our expert guides, in-depth interviews with new business owners, and get access to our free online training courses in partnership with The Open University.




Featured content

Boost your new business with our collection of expert guides and inspirational interviews to help your new venture succeed. Explore tips and guidance on marketing techniques and marketing on a budget, overcoming funding barriers and developing the skills designed to help your business flourish.

A young man and a young woman working from home in their home office

Tax, insurance and the law: guidance for small businesses

As you start your business, you might overlook issues around tax, insurance and the law. Learn why you must consider these carefully when launching your start-up.

Learn the essentials of business tax, insurance and law

Young Muslim woman with hijab showing and review product in front of the smartphone to recording video and live streaming at home Online clothing store. Online marketing packaging delivery, startup SME entrepreneur or freelance woman concept. Small business owner.

Marketing on a

With limited funds, some traditional marketing might feel beyond you. Learn cost-effective tactics to reach customers and make your money go further.

Find out how to market your business on a small budget

Wide angle view of male and female corporate colleagues enjoying champagne and conversation at office celebration of project launch.

Skills gap analysis – do you
know enough to launch?

Do you have what it takes to launch a start-up? Identify the gaps in your knowledge and experience and learn how to develop the skills you need for success.

Discover what skills you need to get up and running

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Start Up Loans has partnered with the Open University to provide free, in-depth courses that cover a range of skills and know-how new business owners need. Learn how to run your business, marketing approaches and techniques, project management and the financial skills that can boost your business knowledge.

Smiling food truck worker cooking inside of a van.


This short course encourages you to look across your organisation, at your place within it and the value you create.

Take the course

Business owner calculating tax return working on budget and expenses


Learn what it means to be a manager – leadership, finance, project management, operations management and more.

Take the course

A woman works in her small modern coffee shop, preparing sandwiches to accompany the espresso drinks she serves

Financial accounting
and reporting

Learn what accountants do and why your business must be aware of relevant financial laws and regulations.

Take the course

Related guidance

Ready for the next step? Get free access to downloadable guides and templates designed to help you run your business. Explore our practical,
step-by-step guides on launching a business – from creating a marketing plan to tips on brilliant customer service.

A man's hand typing on a laptop on whose screen is some slides about SEO performance

How to win customers – 10 things you can do today

What can you do if you want to attract new customers but lack the budget to dedicate to marketing and promotion?
Find out here.

Learn how your business can win new customers

Women fixing bicycles in her workshop

How to price your products and services

Pricing your products or services is challenging. How high or low? What do your competitors charge? Read our expert guide on how to set pricing for your start-up.

See what’s involved in pricing your products or services

Male Carpenter Working In His Workshop

The 10 biggest start-up challenges

You’ll face many challenges when starting your own business. This guide outlines how to deal with some of the most common ones.

Discover what challenges might await your new business