How Do I Apply?

When you apply for a Start Up Loan with us, we’re not just processing a financial transaction, we’re helping you build a business. Our application process focuses on giving you the support you need to succeed, while keeping you informed and in control at every stage.

How Do I Apply?
Our application process gives you the support you need, and keeps you informed and in control at every stage.

Here are the steps involved in applying for a Start Up Loan:
Here are the steps involved in applying for a Start Up Loan:

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First, complete our initial eligibility check. If you are eligible, we will ask you to register, which will enable you to start your application with us. Our full eligibility criteria can be found on our Am I Eligible? Page.

At this stage, all you’ll need to provide is basic details such as your name and contact details.

After registering you’ll ll receive an email asking you to create an account and password so you can login to our customer portal where you can start your application.



Stage 1: Provide information about your situation, how much you’re seeking and how you’ll use the loan.

Stage 2: A personal credit check will be run to further assess your eligibility in line with our commitment to responsible lending.

Stage 3: Upon passing the credit check, we ask you to submit a Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast and Personal Survival Budget. 

Upon passing the credit check there is a 90 day window to complete your assessment.



Your Business Adviser will review your business planning documents and key supporting documents, and will work with you to get them ready for assessment.

Our assessment will take into account the strength and viability of your business, demonstrated through the Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast and the affordability of the loan through the Personal Survival Budget.

If approved, you will be sent your personal Loan Agreement online and be invited to take-up 12-months of Post Loan Support.

If you need help creating your business plan, cash flow forecast or personal survival budget, we offer a range of free templates.

To be eligible to apply for a Start Up Loan, you must fit the following criteria:

To be eligible to apply for a Start Up Loan, you must fit the following criteria:

You’re 18 years of age or older
You’re a current UK resident
You’re starting a new business or have been trading for up to 24 months
You’re unable to secure finance from other sources (self-declaration is ok)
Your business is based in the UK
You have the right to work in the UK
Your business type and loan purpose is eligible under terms of the scheme
You pass our credit checks and you can afford to repay the loan

Do you fit the criteria?

Apply today and get support creating your Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast.

If you are in a business partnership, buying an existing business or starting a franchise, you are able to apply for a Start Up Loan if you fit the criteria above. Scroll down this page to find out more about the process for these applicants.