How Do I Apply?

When you apply for a Start Up Loan with us, we’re not just processing a financial transaction, we’re helping you build a business. Our application process focuses on giving you the support you need to succeed, while keeping you informed and in control at every stage.


How Do I Apply?

Our application process gives you the support you need, and keeps you informed and in control at every stage.


Here are the steps involved in applying for a Start Up Loan:

Here are the steps involved in applying for a Start Up Loan:



Fill in our registration form. Then choose a Delivery Partner or let us match you with one who we think can offer the best support with your application.

Your Delivery Partner will assign you an experienced Business Adviser who will review your application and help you finalise it for assessment.



Provide information about your business to help us understand your personal situation, how much you’re seeking and how you’ll use the loan.

A credit check will be run with your consent to assess if you’re eligible and, in line with our commitment to responsible lending, determine if you can afford the loan.



You will need to provide a Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast and Personal Survival Budget as part of your application.

We offer a range of free templates to support you in finalizing these documents. Your business planning documents will be reviewed as part of your application assessment.

When your application is submitted in full, a loan assessment will be carried out to evaluate if you have a strong and viable business plan and you can afford the loan and associated repayments.

Your Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast will show your Business Adviser how you intend to use your Start Up Loan and will help us to assess if the amount requested is appropriate for your business (you may borrow between £500 and £25,000; the average loan amount is £7,200).

If your application is approved, you will be sent a Loan Agreement in the mail to sign. Once you have returned this agreement, you will receive your Start Up Loan and be invited to take-up 12-months of one-to-one business mentoring.

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