Sharia compliant finance

We endeavour to make our finance and support accessible to all individuals wanting to start and grow a business in the UK. That’s why we’ve worked closely with Financing Sharia Enterprise to develop a Sharia compliant product.

We recognise that many individuals across the UK live according to Islamic values, and to ensure that we can still offer these customers a viable alternative to mainstream funding we have developed a Sharia compliant investment product.

Delivered by our partner, Financing Sharia Enterprise, part of the Financing Startup Enterprise Group, this product does not attract any interest or finance charges but requires you to commit to a profit share at an agreed level. The level of profit share is based on a 6.19% rate of return on investment, payable monthly.

Once you’ve submitted your application Financing Sharia Enterprise will ensure you are eligible and calculate your repayments on the capital component of the investment. Your application will then be reviewed and confirmed by an authorised Sharia Compliance Advisor and, if approved, the agreed profit share will then be reviewed at regular intervals after the investment has been distributed.

The Sharia finance model is not restricted to individuals of any religious or ethnic group and customers of all nationalities are eligible to apply, provided they meet the core eligibility criteria.

In addition, customers who successfully apply for Sharia Investment through Financing Sharia Enterprise are entitled to all of the same core benefits of the scheme. This includes 12 month of post-investment support from a dedicated mentor to provide guidance and advice as you move forward, as well as access to a range of special business offers.

Getting started

With support from our Sharia Delivery Partner and access to a range of free guides and templates to help you plan your business, we want you to help you put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

Sharia Delivery Partner

Financing Sharia Enterprise is the official delivery partner of the scheme supporting Sharia finance customers. They are a not-for-profit social enterprise.


Essential guide

Download our free guide to starting a business, loaded with essential information to help you start up, plus tips and advice for doing your marketing research and writing a business plan.


Free business plan template

A business plan is a blue print for your business, outlining your goals and how you plan to achieve them. You will need to submit a business plan with your final application.


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