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Frequently asked questions


Business Support Partners

What is a Business Support Partner?

The Start Up Loans Company works with a network of Business Support Partner organisations that support Start Up Loans applicants in all regions and industries throughout the UK. Our Business Support Partners are organisations that specialise in supporting new and existing businesses. Their role is to provide guidance to applicants in developing a business plan and cash flow forecast, assess the final loan application and provide ongoing support to Start Up Loan recipients.

All Business Support Partners comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines and are closely monitored by the Start Up Loans Company to ensure a consistent approach to lending decisions across the network. View the list of all the Business Support Partners that we work with.

What is a Finance Provider?

Our Finance Providers are the organisations that administer the finance to successful applicants once approved by a Business Support Partner. Our two Finance Providers are the Enterprise Fund Ltd trading as The Growth Company (formerly Business Finance Solutions) and Street UK. If your Start Up Loan application is successful you will be sent a copy of your Loan Agreement, which includes your Finance Providers full contact details. You can contact them at any point after this for information on your loan status or repayment schedule.

All of our Finance Providers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are closely monitored by the Start Up Loans Company to deliver a consistent approach to supporting applicants across the network.

Can I choose my Business Support Partner?

You will be given the opportunity to select your preferred Business Support Partner from a drop down menu when you register your interest for a Start Up Loan. If you do not select a Business Support Partner when you register your interest online, your application will be passed to the relevant Business Support Partner dependent on your location or industry.

Please remember that although the format may vary, all of our Business Support Partners can offer the same help, advice and guidance, and all loan decisions are based on the same criteria and terms, no matter what Business Support Partner you are with.

Can I change my Business Support Partner?

Once you have been allocated to your Business Support Partner you will not be able to transfer to another partner. If you have a preference, you must decide before filling out our online registration form and indicate which Business Support Partner you wish to work with by choosing from the drop down menu.

My Business Support Partner is no longer listed on the Start Up Loans Company website. What should I do?

Don’t worry! If your Business Support Partner is no longer affiliated with the Start Up Loans scheme then we will assign you to a new Business Support Partner that is best placed to support you through the application process. Please contact our Customer Service team who will be able to arrange this for you and to answer any questions you might have.

Is my Business Support Partner regulated by the FCA?
Some of our Business Support Partners are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), whilst some are not. This will not have a material impact on how a Business Support Partner works with you, but it can require a different approach to raising a complaint should you wish to. You can review our complaints handling policy here.

Regulated Business Support Partners:

  • BEF Bradford
  • BizBritain
  • GC Business Finance
  • DSL Business Finance
  • Enterprise Loans East Midlands
  • Enterprise Northern Ireland
  • Let’s Do Business Finance
  • NWES
  • SWIG Finance
  • The Princes Trust

Non-regulated Business Support Partners

  • SULCo’s internal Delivery Partner, The Hub
  • Virgin Start Up
  • X-Forces
My application was declined by my Business Support Partner. Can I reapply through another Business Support Partner?

No, because our Business Support Partners follow a set lending policy, if you are declined by one Business Support Partner you will not be able to apply with another. If your circumstances change or you believe you have addressed the concerns that were raised in your initial decline letter, you can get back in touch with your Business Support Partner who has the ability to reassess your application.