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View our range of articles below for guidance on what you'll need to know from a legal point of view when setting up a business, from explainers of key legislation to the different types of insurance your business might need.

Setting up your business

Find out more about your legal responsibilities when you set up a business.

Understanding tax for start-ups

Our guidance articles help you understand the various tax implications for your business.

Learn about insurance for start-ups

Discover the various types of insurance your start-up may require to operate

Start-ups and the law

Discover explainers on some of the law your business will need to comply with.

What is a trademark?

Learn to protect your brand and its valuable assets like business name and logo by understanding trademark definition and why you should use a trademark.

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What is UK GDPR?

The UK General Data Protection Act is designed to safeguard consumer data and ensure rights to privacy. We explain what the UK GDPR covers.

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