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Download our free templates to help you organise your thoughts and develop your plans.

Business planning templates

You wouldn’t build a house without a detailed blueprint of your plans, a set of tools and a clear idea of the costs. We feel the same way about building a business. That’s why we require our applicants to provide a range of key business documents with your Start Up Loan application. Our free downloadable templates are designed to help you organise your business idea, develop your plans and figure out how to make your start up work.

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Cash Flow Forecast template

Cash flow forecast template - free download. Use the cash flow template to make a cash flow forecast by automatically calculating expected earnings and expenses

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Our free guides

Our guides are packed full of practical tips, examples and ‘how-to’ information and, best of all, you can read them on your device or print them out.

Whether it’s advice on conducting market research, analysing your strengths and weaknesses or optimising your website to find more customers online, we’ve got it covered. See our full menu below to find the right guide for your needs.

The essential guide to starting a business - download

  • Conducting market research on customers and competitors
  • Choosing a company structure
  • Figuring out your insurance and tax requirements
  • Developing your business strategy and sales forecast
  • Writing your business plan
Download (.pdf, 1.64mb) Essential guide to starting a business (Opens in new window)

Making business finance work for you - download

  • Designed to help businesses know what type of finance is right for them
  • Discover the types of finance you can use to start a business
  • Learn how finance can support your business growth
  • Understand how to consolidate debt or purchase a major asset
  • Read chapters on working capital, importing/exporting, R&D and more
Download (.pdf, 2.28mb) making business finance work for you (Opens in new window)

Guide to business resilience - download

  • Offering practical tips on how your business can respond to recession
  • Making your business energy efficient
  • Late payments and how to combat them
  • Accessing finance as a response to the cost of living crisis
  • Supply chain pressures and solutions
Download (.pdf, 855.38kb) Guide to business resilience (Opens in new window)

Marketing Toolkit - download

  • How to research your target market and test your business idea
  • Creating a marketing plan and setting goals effectively
  • Building a business website and attracting online customers
  • Low-cost options for on and offline advertising, affiliate marketing and PR
  • Free and cheap ways to market your business on a shoestring budget
Download (.pdf, 3.13mb) Marketing toolkit (Opens in new window)

PR toolkit - download

  • Crafting effective press releases
  • Working with journalists
  • Engaging customers with social media
  • Maximising your website
Download (.pdf, 2.35mb) PR toolkit (Opens in new window)

Social Media toolkit - download

  • Choosing the right social media platforms for your business
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Techniques you can use to save time and money
  • Using social media advertising to build your business
  • How to monitor competitors on social media
Download (.pdf, 1.28mb) Social media toolkit (Opens in new window)