Sharia compliant finance

Once you’ve submitted your application Financing Sharia Enterprise will ensure you are eligible and calculate your repayments on the capital component of the investment. 

Your application will then be reviewed and confirmed by an authorised Sharia Compliance Advisor to ensure that any business provided with assistance is compliant.

The Sharia finance model is not restricted to individuals of any religious or ethnic group and customers of all nationalities are eligible to apply, provided they meet the core eligibility criteria.  

If you have any questions regarding whether you would be Sharia compliant, then you can call Financing Sharia Enterprise on 0330 056 2528 to discuss.

In addition, customers who successfully apply for Sharia Investment through Financing Sharia Enterprise are entitled to all of the same core benefits of the scheme. 

This includes 12 month of post-investment support from a dedicated mentor to provide guidance and advice as you move forward.

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The essential guide to starting a business

If you’re in the early stages of your journey then you may be interested in this short guide we’ve created to help you through the process of starting up. It’s full of all the essential information you need to start a business in the UK, plus tips and advice for creating your core business documents.

The essential guide to starting a business (.pdf - 1.52MB)Download the guide (.pdf, 1.52mb)

Getting started

Learn more about the different variations of the Start Up Loan we can offer, including Second loans and how to tranche your loan.

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Second Loans

If you've already secured a Start Up Loan for your business and have been trading for no more than five years, you may be eligible to apply for a Second Loan for that same business.

about Second Loans Read More