Business Support Partners

What is a Business Support Partner?

It’s important to us that we give all our customers every opportunity to succeed. 

Not only when applying for a Start Up Loan, but when setting up and running their businesses in general. 

That’s why we employ a national network of business support partners whose experienced business advisers can provide support to applicants, including helping them prepare their business plans and cash flow forecasts. 

Successful applicants can also benefit from working with Newable, our official Start Up Loans Business Support Partner, who deliver mentoring and post loan support services and offer access to quality content through a programme of value adding webinars.  

This is supported by UMi Sat Nav, a digital platform that gives flexibility and convenience to access 100s of on-demand tools and resources.

We also have specialist partners who can provide specific, tailored post loan support to meet the needs of their applicants. 

When you apply for a Start Up Loan, we assign you to one of our business support partners. 
Where possible, we try to match you with a business support partner that operates in your local area. 

The business support partner will pair you with a business adviser who will help you move things forward and be your key point of contact throughout the process.

Our business support partners operate in various regions and industries across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and we work closely with them to ensure that responsible lending decisions are made.

To make sure we can support you effectively, you’ll only be able to work with one business support partner and you won’t be able to change this once you’ve submitted your application.

  • Business Support Partners

    The national and regional partners provide are experienced business advisers and are your key point of contact throughout the process.

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  • Specialist Partners

    These partners have a strong understanding of specific specialisms, and are able to deliver bespoke services for their customers including Post Loan Support.

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  • Post Loan Support

    The National Post Loan Support Partner offers free mentoring, online support services and webinars following the receipt of your Start Up Loan.

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