Turn Your Business Round

After a career in marketing and advertising, Brigitte wanted to use her skills to earn money and serve clients at the same time.

Noticing a high percentage of female-founded businesses fail due to lack of confidence or knowledge of the corporate world, Brigitte applied for a Start Up Loan via Virgin StartUp to set up Turn Your Business Round.

She acts as a wraparound business mentor and marketing advisor to female founders.

Brigitte offers a 1-2-1 mentoring programme and is in the process of developing an evergreen online course.

The Start Up Loan allowed Brigitte to develop the website and invest in initial marketing materials, such as photography, as well as investing in running and promoting live events for female founders.

Brigitte has a bright vision for the future of the business, with plans to grow the team and employ someone to manage social media, as well as acquiring permanent business premises.

With a rebrand on the near horizon, she also plans to continue developing the live events side of the business, hosting more live events and a Female Academy of Business (FAB) retreat later this year, with external speakers, networking opportunities and a business crash course.

Commenting on the success of Turn Your Business Around, Brigitte said:

“I reached a point in my life where I was ready for a career change and had the chance to start over. I noticed women have great ideas and visions, but a lack of confidence in business and marketing amongst the general female population is highly prevalent. That’s where I wanted to slot in as a support system, advising on both business and marketing.

“The Start Up Loan I got through their partner Virgin StartUp meant I’ve been able to put my plan into action, and I’m now focusing on developing the business offering – I want to host events and retreats to bring female founders together and grow the female founder community.”

Published on 12 March 2024

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