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The Business of Mindfulness

Based in Worcester, The Business of Mindfulness was created by Chris Hopkirk and Hayley Aghanian to provide Mental Health & Wellbeing strategies to companies to support and improve their employees wellbeing and in turn, help create a more successful business.

This is delivered through a consultancy service that offers training courses equipping businesses by raising awareness of the matter and how they can support their workforce and prevent it from being an issue.

Chris Hopkirk, Managing Director at The Business of Mindfulness, realised how hard it was to create a sustainable culture of safety for employees who felt vulnerable about their mental health and wellbeing in his previous experience in various smaller businesses.

This is where Chris became aware of the issue, dealing with his own anxiety in running a business and how the team at all levels are affected by issues of their mental health.

The business’ Start Up Loan was delivered by the programme’s partner covering the region, Enterprise Loans East Midlands.

Chris Hopkirk, Managing Director at The Business of Mindfulness commented:

“Mindfulness and the pursuit of this business has enabled me to become aware of my reactive behaviours and by working mindfully I was able to bring an equanimity to my day-to-day engagement and ultimately was able to introduce it to my staff.

“Pursuing this passion I had developed, starting a business to share this awareness with others who might be seeking similar support seemed like a logical step for my career. With support from the British Business Bank and their partner Enterprise Loans East Midlands, we have already been able to make significant ground and we are thrilled with the results and feedback we are receiving from the businesses we have assisted.”

Published on 12 March 2024

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