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Superior Bathrooms

Sharon Shearer launched her business Superior Bathrooms when she was made redundant, using her career expertise to get her started.

When Sharon Shearer left school at 16, she went to work in a small bathroom showroom, and really enjoyed it. She was passionate about her job, and ended up working for the same company for 26 years, dealing with everything from bathroom fittings, to supply and lease. Her boss, however, had to close down his showroom when he fell ill, which left Sharon redundant. Although he offered Sharon the showroom to take over from him, Sharon didn’t feel ready or experienced enough to take on such a responsibility, and decided to find employment elsewhere.

Sharon soon found work in another company for bathroom fitting, but didn’t like it at all, and felt disheartened by the way in which the business ran, and how service was provided. This prompted her to think about setting up on her own, and gave her the push she needed. She spoke to her daughter and husband and said she wanted to start her own business, and they supported her ambitions and encouraged her to get the ball rolling.

She approached a bank and spoke with a business manager, who looked at her business plan and cash flow projections, and told her what she needed to do to refine her ideas. The support provided was invaluable, and helped her gain the confidence to bring her business plan to DSL, a Start Up Loans Delivery Partner in Scotland.

Currently, Sharon has a 1,500 square foot showroom for Superior Bathrooms in Hamilton, Scotland. Sharon has made many contacts in the industry who are all supporting her in her own business endeavours. Over the years, she has designed over 8,000 bathrooms, and will use this bank of experience to provide individuals with the highest level of service she can offer.

In the future, Sharon hopes that her company continues to grow and develop. She would like to supply to people in the trade such as builders and plumbers, and move her business in this way into the supply side of the industry. She also has plans of having an online store for her bathrooms.

Published on 15 June 2016

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