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Meet our Start Up of the Year – The Fish House

Meet the co-founder of our Start Up of the Year 2015, Paul Harwood!

Paul had previously worked as a chef for around 27 years including well over a decade at Rick Steins famous seafood restaurant in Padstow. During that time he had also spent much of his time travelling the globe to sample and learn global cuisine. However the Fish House is his first start up business venture.

Paul Harwood, founder of Fish House Fistral

The focus is on locally caught product, with nearly all the seafood coming from ships that arrive in Newquay harbor and each dish being given a Spanish twist. Located on Fistral Beach, one of Britain’s best known surfing locations, nearly £20,000 from the Start Up Loans Company allowed Paul to get his idea off the ground and already in his first year of trading has seen six figure profits.

The restaurant has received exceptional reviews on TripAdvisor and the place has become a big hit with locals and tourists alike.

Published on 16 June 2016

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