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POP Pressed

Kayleigh Cooper took out a £15,000 Start Up Loan in December 2020 to launch POP Pressed – an organic and plant-based cold-pressed juice brand.

Before launching her own business, Kayleigh split her time between teaching yoga and working in a local health food café. However, when the pandemic hit she was placed on furlough so couldn’t do either job.

Despite these challenges, Kayleigh decided to move to Manchester and began working in a local deli that was providing a local takeaway service. After teaming up with them to launch a juice menu, she was inspired to use the experience to launch her own juice shop – and POP Pressed was born.

Originally, Kayleigh had planned to launch an online store, but her customer base quickly grew larger than expected resulting in the need to move into her own shop as a permanent home for the organic juice bar.

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Published on 12 October 2021

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