NICE Drinks

Jeremy May secured Start Up Loans funding through Virgin Start Ups in February 2020. Both had worked in the food and drink industry and came up with the idea for NICE after discovering an American brand of canned wine on Instagram and became immediately obsessed with the concept. They wanted to make wine more approachable and fun, and less intimidating.

The idea was a good one. NICE sold close to half a million cans in its first year. This was achieved despite Covid-19 disruption, which meant that many orders for the products for festivals were cancelled.

NICE’s wine is sourced from France and Argentina, and founders Jeremy is environmentally conscious. Their cans are 100% recyclable and more sustainable when compared to small plastic bottles and cups that would be used as alternatives. They want to use the business as a force for good as it continues to grow and have made a commitment to become carbon neutral within the next 12 months.

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