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Murcott Energy

A Murcott Energy wind turbineWorcester based Murcott Energy is an engineering company that designs and produces small wind turbines for temporary power applications.

It also provides engineering consultancy, specialising in Finite Element Analysis, to a wide range of industries, including the offshore, defence, automotive and utilities industries.

Founder, Ben Murcott, was inspired to set up the business after experimenting with wind turbine design for some years in his flat, leading to some exciting innovations by building and testing small demonstration models.

“I could see there was a potential business opportunity and decided to take the leap and begin my venture. I was inspired by the growing green revolution kicking off around and the world, and I wanted to be part of it.”

The business has made great strides.

For example, it was awarded a contract by Network Rail to design and produce a transportable mobile wind turbine prototype and delivery will be in 2024.

Murcott Energy’s wind turbine, The Murb, is aimed at the construction, utilities, defence industries, and energy crisis locations, as a temporary power application.

Ben plans to establish The Murb as first choice solution around the world, to the benefit of people and the environment; while also growing their established engineering consultancy services, specialising in mechanical and structural design and analysis.

Start Up Loans and its Business Support Partner, BizBritain, played a pivotal role in helping Ben become a successful business owner. He says:

“I had approached the high street banks and all were not interested in my business until I had two years of revenue over £40k on my annual accounts, which of course was not possible at that time. They were quite unhelpful.

“After a bit of googling I found the Start Up Loans programme and I could see there was a thorough process that they would undertake to consider my business. From the get-go, they were very helpful and supportive and awarded me my first loan. In Autumn of 2023, they offered me the opportunity to apply for a second loan.

“Given my good experience with them to date, I was pleased to apply as I had some new requirements.”

Published on 22 January 2024

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