MBJ London

Success Story 17 May 2017

Region/Nation London
Sector Technology
Programme Start Up Loans

Julian and his business partner, Toni, started their web design company after receiving funding from the Start Up Loans Company. MBJ London offers clients an affordable monthly subscription which provides them with a team of experts to guide them through the preliminary stages of branding, design and beyond.

Julian and Toni launched the business in 2013 and since then it has grown tremendously. They now employ over 40 members of staff and have offices in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

Julian met Toni while he was studying for his master’s degree, and it was then that they had the idea to create a company to provide small and medium sized businesses with social media and IT consulting at an affordable price.

This idea quickly developed into something much bigger, encompassing business consulting, web design and online strategy. They realised that many SMEs lack time and the internal resources to manage their websites and online marketing platforms. MBJ London wanted to fill this gap in the market and became a long-term, reliable solution that would alleviate this burden for clients.

Julian and Toni have faced some challenges along the way – up until they received their Start Up Loan, they had little funds available for the business. They started off working in Julian’s dining room, which they quickly outgrew. The pair managed to raise money on Crowd Cube, but had to make some sacrifices in return for investments. Despite their reluctance, Julian and Toni sold 11.69% of MBJ London in return for £750,000 from 300 investors.

Julian and Toni have huge plans for the future of MBJ London. They want to develop their services and help companies who struggle to afford a web presence. They also plan on raising more funds and are looking for a £1.5-2 million investment to expand the company and buy new technology.

Currently, the pair are in the process of building an algorithm that works with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve user experience through gathering third-party data and using it within their websites. They are also speaking with professors in the USA to work with them on developing research into technology that can be used to improve their website packages.