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Lemon Tree Soft Play Café

Portrait of Joan Nga, Florence Lao, Kaying Yang

Lemon Tree Soft Play Café is a growing business founded by three mothers and entrepreneurs, creating a haven for children and families in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The founders hail from Malaysia and Hong Kong and seized the chance to feed their entrepreneurial spirit and long-standing dream by founding Lemon Tree Soft Play café, as an expansion of the company Little Bees Soft Play, a mobile rental softplay company, following the Start Up Loans finance. Each of them took out a £25,000 to help grow the business.

The Start Up Loan has been integral in providing the funds to purchase vital equipment like the soft play structure. The team also have ambitious plans to expand the business to other locations in the future.

Joan Nga, co-founder of Little Bees Soft Play said: “Building up Lemon Tree Softplay Café has been a heartfelt endeavour, providing a sanctuary for families in the North East. The Start Up Loan has really helped turn our aspirations into a reality, as we establish Lemon Tree Soft Play café. As 2023 Start Up Loans Ambassadors, we’re proud to encourage others to pursue their own entrepreneurial paths and can’t wait to see what comes next for our business.”

Published on 19 October 2023

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