Kokoso Baby – Start Up Loans Ambassador

Success Story 13 June 2016

Region/Nation Scotland
Sector Health & Social Care
Programme Start Up Loans

Who are Kokoso Baby?

Kokoso Baby are husband and wife founders, Lauren and Mark Taylor. Based in Warwickshire, they produce a unique baby skincare product made from specially selected organic coconut oil.  The multi-purpose moisturiser is dermatologically tested and only uses ingredients of the highest quality.

Kokoso Baby’s Story

Like so many other great startups Lauren and Mark Taylor started Kokoso Baby when they spotted a gap in the market for a natural, organic skincare product for babies. Lauren’s daughter was suffering from a dry skin condition and they were unhappy with the high number of chemicals being used in baby skincare products.

I just thought [coconut oil] was so brilliant that everybody should be using it, it should be a mainstream product. I wanted to make my business idea a reality. Lauren Co-founder of Kokoso Baby

In an incredible 12 month journey they managed to set up their business, produce a product and their hard-work paid off when they successfully pitched to high street retailer Boots. You can now find Kokoso products in 200 Boots stores across the UK, with more stores stocking the product soon.

Kokoso baby coconut oil skincare

Why did we choose Kokoso Baby as an Ambassador?

Kokoso Baby did what we know so many other parents want to do, they started their own business in order to have more flexibility to spend time with their children.

Our British Business Dreamer survey showed that three quarters of UK parents want to run their own business, but most are held back by fear.

There were two paths: One of them, accept where you are; or get behind Kokoso and see what happens. I think we would have regretted not doing it. Mark co-founder of Kokoso Baby

Lauren and Mark made their dreams a reality and we think you can to. A £10,000 Start Up Loan helped give Kokoso Baby the support to grow.

I’ve never once worked as hard as we’re working at the moment, but then again nothing has ever meant as much. Mark co-founder of Kokoso Baby

Why did Kokoso choose a Start Up Loan?

Lauren and Mark used a Start Up Loan to help fund their growth, helping them fulfill large orders to nationwide retailers.

More than just the money, a Start Up Loan offered the support necessary to help expand Kokoso Baby. From putting together simple documents like business plans and cash flow forecasts, to getting help with business strategy, a Start Up Loan offered the business support they needed.