Evelyn Ecology

Success Story 19 April 2024

Start Up Loan boost for Manchester-based ecological consultancy

Region/Nation North West
Sector Sustainability
Programme Start Up Loans

Evelyn Ecology Ltd., a Manchester-based ecological consultancy, has secured a total of £12,000 through the Start Up Loans programme, delivered by GC Business Finance (GCBF) on behalf of the British Business Bank.

The business is a perfect example of the type of sustainable businesses Start Up Loans and the British Business Bank are looking to support.

Planting up a new mitigation pond

Founded in 2023 by Henry Gunning, an experienced ecologist with approaching ten years’ experience in the field, Evelyn Ecology specialises in providing innovative ecological consultancy services and biodiversity offsetting products. This supports businesses and organisations in meeting their evolving environmental obligations.

Henry’s journey began with a passion for wildlife, leading him to pursue a degree in Ecology and a Master’s in Marine Biology. He also undertook a marine research project in Fiji, before returning to UK and working in an ecology role for six years.

He then moved to a planning consultancy as a Senior Ecological Adviser in 2021.

A hibernaculum - a place in which an animal seeks refuge, such as a bear using a cave to overwinter

As he saw a growing need for ecological services, specifically around biodiversity net gain, Henry decided to seize the opportunity to set up his own business in this niche market.

He approached GCBF and received a £12,000 Start Up Loan to support cash flow needs and investment in software tools that are crucial for client acquisition.

Over the next year, Evelyn Ecology plans to implement habitat restoration on its existing offsetting sites throughout England. Henry also plans to bolster the team with two new hires and secure additional partnerships with key clients.

Despite only starting Evelyn Ecology in 2023, we are already focussed on expanding and positioning ourselves as one of the leaders in the field.

Recognising a market opportunity, I took decisive actions to lay the foundations for what I believe will be a rewarding, successful and purposeful venture.

Securing the Start Up Loan from GC Business Finance provided essential cash flow for our initial legal expenses and investment in software tools crucial for client acquisition. This pivotal support enables us to confidently take the next strides in advancing our business growth.

Henry Gunning Founder, Evelyn Ecology

Making financing easier and helping small businesses grow is incredibly important to us. Evelyn Ecology is an exciting business for us to have partnered with given it has a strong social and environmental impact and is looking to make a tangible positive difference for both businesses and the environment.

At the Growth Company we’ve long had strong ambitions to support the journey to reaching Net Zero. By working with strong environmentally-focussed businesses, like Evelyn Ecology, we can take bigger strides to reach this goal quicker.

The Start Up Loan programme can help businesses like Evelyn Ecology by providing financing that is needed to hit the ground running and invest in business development.

Alex Mearns, Head of Startup Lending, GC Business Finance

I am proud to see the Start Up Loans programme is supporting businesses throughout the North West, especially those working to make a positive difference to the environment.

Evelyn Ecology is a great example of an innovative, forward-thinking business, and its success thus far is great to see.

This Earth Day reminds us once again of some of the very positive sustainability-focused businesses we currently support and the types of businesses we want to support in the future.

Delyth Edwards Senior Network Manager for the North West at the British Business Bank

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