Escapism Chester

Success Story 15 May 2017

Region/Nation North West
Sector Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
Programme Start Up Loans

Daniel launched his business, Escapism Manchester, in August 2016 and works full-time at the premises with six members of staff.

Prior to launch, Daniel was a Quality Surveyor, but after visiting several escape rooms he identified a gap in the market for them in the Chester area.

Daniel is currently fitting out his fifth escape room and his turnover has grown by 60% since September 2016. The plan is to open another Escape Room venue in a new city once he has raised enough funds to enable him to expand further.

Escapism offers 4 themed rooms for teams of 2-5 people to pit their wits against. “What we’ve got here is a clear narrative and puzzle chain, one leading onto another. We don’t give you the answers… we’re quite cryptic” says Dan. In Amphitheatre, players must escape before the Roman guards arrive and force them into the arena. This room was designed by Dan himself, with a third party assisting with the other rooms.

Daniel has not experienced many challenges since starting his business. The hardest part for him was becoming social media savvy and he has purposefully employed staff members who can help him in this area.