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Steve Wileman used funding from the Start Up Loans scheme to help co-found the eLearning consultancy business, Enlighten-Ac. Steve and his business partner Suzanne Edwards have a passion for educational solutions, and, along with their lead content developer Billy, and their technical knowledge they constantly exceed customer expectations. They offer eLearning solutions customised to each of their clients’ visions, which can include everything from course writing to augmented and virtual reality services.

After helping to create an online platform for Aurasma, an AR company that is still being used today, they started to realise that there wasn’t enough use, or knowledge of, emerging technology in the educational sector and that businesses, both small and large need to be able to understand and grow alongside innovative technology. This inspired Steve and Suzanne to start up Enlighten-Ac and work with SMEs and larger businesses to help them use the latest technologies to improve their business performance.

After starting up in May 2016, Steve, Suzanne, Billy and their team of writers and 3D content developers have worked with all types of businesses and educational establishments and helped them utilise our technology to address their varied needs. They attended the BETT Show (the largest educational tech show in the world) to showcase their innovative AR and VR technology specially designed for the education sector as well as setting up a 3D printer that printed giveaway keyrings that triggered amazing AR content including 3D models and video.. These were a big hit at the show and attracted a lot of international attention. In August 2016, The Times newspaper contacted Steve and Suzanne and asked them to write content on the future of education using AR and VR technology, which was an amazing opportunity for them and attracted interest from large companies.

Since launching, the business has attracted interest from all over the world. Even though Enlighten is a small company based in Tamworth, it is attracting almost as much attention as big organisations such as Google and Microsoft.

To further promote the work of enlighten-AC, Steve, Suzanne and Billy travelled to London to lead seminars on the benefits of AR and how it can help address social issues.

Enlighten worked closely with a large mental health charity to create an awareness raising augmented reality poster campaign. These posters were strategically placed around college campus’ and encouraged learners to use their smartphones to trigger content such as videos explaining various mental illnesses and providing contact details instantly which allowed people to call a mental illness helpline when they needed it. This campaign increased self-referrals by 43% and helped to raise awareness of mental illness. This was an amazing achievement for Enlighten, and they are currently developing other campaigns in the mental health sector.

The future for Enlighten-Ac looks very promising; they are currently discussing educational projects with Virgin, and campaigns for heritage sites, and local councils.

Enlighten would love to work with more start-up businesses, and develop partnerships with local – as well as global- businesses, charities and educational establishments.

Enlighten have plenty of exciting new ideas that are currently top secret but they have assured us they will have the wow factor and will offer practical support to various sectors of industry and help to streamline production lines.

The Start Up Loans scheme and Virgin Start Up, the delivery partner Enlighten worked closely with, have made all this possible and our team are happy with the process that helped them start the business they always dreamed of.

Published on 8 June 2017

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