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D&K Accounting

With businesses continuing to launch during the pandemic, small firms such as D&K Accounting are well placed to offer a more personal accounting service to rural businesses looking to get established.

Just because your start-up isn’t in a large city doesn’t mean you can’t operate with lots of employees, says D&K Accounting founder Daniel Edwards.

“We try to outsource everything,” says Daniel. “Our contact team are based in Liverpool. Our administrator is based near Peterborough. I have a bookkeeper who’s down South. Outsourcing has become a lot easier because everyone’s working from home.

“I think there are going to be a lot of empty offices in cities because everyone is working from home, and the surrounding businesses such as lunch break businesses and cafes may also suffer the knock-on effect.”

Networking is critical for small businesses in more rural locations, according to Daniel.

“Go networking. There’s a lot of networking that is free to attend, and you access a wealth of knowledge. Having a group of people you can meet – whether it’s a marketer, a solicitor, a photographer – it’s good to have those contacts. Being a sole trader or limited company can be a lonely place, so networking is something people should do more of.”

Published on 20 September 2021

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