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Paul Jamieson and Julian Mithoff - DamGoodDramsGlasgow-based DamGoodDrams, an ecommerce platform specialising in independent spirits, is gearing up to launch its own line of whisky and take its business overseas, following a successful first year.

Directors Paul Jamieson and Julian Mithoff are already in talks with international distributors, distilleries and cask brokers in Europe, North America and East Asia, to expand their rare and independent whisky offering and begin shipping worldwide.

Founded in October 2020, DamGoodDrams sells a range of independent whiskies. The company quickly took off and, as the hospitality industry bounced back from the pandemic, Paul and Julian noticed a growing demand across international markets and decided to make plans to take their business further afield.

There are two strands of the company, one for resale of casks and bottles and another as an independent bottler where Paul and Julian can add label design, whisky finish and strength – creating their own unique whisky.

In addition to the resale on its ecommerce platform, DamGoodDrams is sourcing casks for their own bottlings which will be released in September this year. Their own independent bottlings will stay true to the spirit of independent bottlers by being creative and finishing whiskies in new and interesting flavours.

To support the expansion and the purchase of casks for bottling as its own line, the company secured a £15,000 funding package from Transmit Startups through the British Business Bank’s Start Up Loans programme, with another £10,000 to follow next year.

Paul Jamieson and Julian Mithoff - DamGoodDramsPaul Jamieson said: “It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re eager to start trading internationally. There’s already considerable interest in our platform, with independent bottlers and distilleries approaching us, wanting to sell their whisky on our site which is really encouraging.

“The next exciting step for us is getting our own independent whisky launched and begin selling that overseas as well. We are so grateful to Transmit Startups and the Start Up Loans Programme for all the funding and support.

“After a very promising start for DamGoodDrams, we feel confident taking our business further, and we already have a couple of suppliers lined up for when we start shipping outside of the UK. Next year, we hope to branch out with our own bottling warehouse which would be a huge milestone for us and enable us to bottle our own whisky releases faster.”

Published on 19 October 2022

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