Cod of Duty

Success Story 07 May 2021

Region/Nation West Midlands
Sector Hospitality, Accommodation and Food Service Activities
Programme Start Up Loans

Matthew Martin and his wife, Corina Martin, launched Cod of Duty, a mobile Fish and Chips food truck, in December 2020 using two £17,000 Start Up Loans.

Having both worked in hospitality and been made redundant the previous month, they decided to make their dream of owning a food business together a reality. After dedicated a lot of time to naming the business, the name they landed on sprang to mind while playing video games!

A close up image of fish and chips

The demand for the business offering was immediate, with product selling out within 30 minutes on their first day of opening. Now, with three spots secured to park the food truck and several street markets booked in, Matthew is keen to keep expanding the business’ portfolio and obtain bookings for weddings, parties and corporate events.

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