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Clip Knix

Photo of Funmi LalwalFunmi Lalwal, 55, London originally came to Start Up Loans back in 2013 to help her set up a business teaching the elderly learn Microsoft skills. She created Clip Knix, a brand offering adapted fastening underwear for women in 2018 to solve a problem that she had noticed after suffering from ill health.

When pregnant with her daughter in 2002, Funmi suffered from pre-eclampsia, which led to a stroke and 48 hours in a coma. Following this devastating health setback Funmi was unable to walk, talk or use her right side.

As she began to recover, she noticed that there was no adaptive underwear on the market for women who had experienced similar health setbacks, the disabled or had limited mobility due to age. By 2018, this still hadn’t changed, and Funmi was ready to do something about it.

Photo of Funmi LalwalClip Knix underwear clips on using magnets, making them easier to put on yourself and maintain dignity if you suffer with limited mobility. The products were developed with a supplier in China, and Funmi has future plans to expand her business to provide period and incontinence products too.

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Published on 16 January 2023

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