City Pantry

Stuart Sunderland started his business City Pantry with a friend, a service delivering street food to businesses, with the help of a £10,000 Start Up Loan.

City Pantry works with street vendors to cater to corporate clients looking to order for employee lunches, events or meetings. The client is able to search by price range and by number of people, then the food can be pre-ordered for the street vendors to make.

city pantry salad

Food can be ordered on a one off basis or as a regular service. You just need to decide what type of food is needed, what time of day you want it, and where you need it delivered. City Pantry will do the rest. They look through local vendors to put together a meal plan, checking dietary requirements and making sure top notch London grub is delivered on time.

The types of food on offer range from Vietnamese noodle salads to healthy salad boxes to burgers with fries and more, so City Pantry is sure to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

city pantry delivery man

City Pantry has already amassed a great range of clients, including Buzzfeed, Moo and Metapack. Currently the business already has twelve employees and they are on a recruitment drive to hire even more new people to the booming start up. They are also always on the hunt for new vendors, so the range of foods on offer will only grow more and more.

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