Success Story 22 December 2016

Region/Nation Yorkshire and Humber
Sector Hospitality, Accommodation and Food Service Activities
Programme Start Up Loans

Chappuccino is a café in the heart of Chapeltown, Sheffield, run by Olivia Fisher and her mum, Claire.

Olivia has always had a passion for baking and an artistic flair and keen to explore this from her background in customer service. Once the mother and daughter due found premises, they received investment from the bank, personal savings and a Start Up Loan. The pair fully refurbished the café before opening to the public in December 2013.

The team at Chappuccino cafe

During the daytime Chappuccino offers a typical coffee shop menu including paninis, pastries and sandwiches. The café also offers a bistro service in the evening once a month which has received rave reviews. In this they offer a three course meal with coffee and chocolates included, with a BYOB service. Increasingly the shop is hosting private parties with Olivia being the driving force behind this. They are thinking about increasing the number of parties they put on as it gives the business a strong revenue stream.

A cake at Chappuccino

Much of their customer base includes retired couples and housewives and the majority of marketing is done through social media, though their successful TripAdvisor reviews also drives customers to the business. Currently Chappuccino are looking to expand their numbers of permanent staff to allow them to increase the numbers of Bistro and events they offer.

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