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Bilbo’s Pet Spa

Bilbo’s Pet Spa is based in Lydney, Gloucestershire and is run by Marion Aylott. Marion received a Start Up Loan of £22,000 in October 2016 and opened in December of the same year.

There are a range of services on offer at Bilbo’s Pet Spa including hydrotherapy, slimming programmes and bespoke grooming. The pet hydrotherapy is a particularly popular, it is offered via veterinary referral for dogs who are suffering from arthritis or other joint injuries.

Bilbo’s Pet Spa

Beyond this, it can also be an integral part of the rehabilitation process for a dog that has been injured. As with human hydrotherapy, exercising in water allows dogs to work the majority of their muscles, getting a full range of joint motion without the stress caused by moving on hard ground.

The Swim Dog Slim programme provides an opportunity for dogs to burn some calories, particularly if their movement is restricted on land. A three-minute swim is the equivalent of a five-mile walk and has minimal impact on an animal’s joints. Grooming is also offered on a one-to-one basis by a qualified groomer, allowing Bilbo’s Pet Spa to offer a well-rounded and satisfactory service by combining both healthcare and beauty treatments.

Since opening, Marion has amassed a keen client base and she is now looking to expand the business by offering more services. She says these will include an extended water treadmill in order to cater for giant dog breeds.

Published on 9 October 2017

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