Kids cost 1 in 5 mothers their pay rise

Press release 11 November 2016

  • 1 in 5 mothers (19%) are missing out on their pay rise because they’ve had children
  • 36% believe they’ve been overlooked for promotions by spending more time at home and less in the office
  • Two-thirds of mothers believe they could be further along in their career if they hadn’t had children

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1 in 5 mothers (19%) have been overlooked for pay raises and bonuses by their bosses because they’ve had children, new research from government-backed the Start Up Loans Company has revealed.

As well as being last on the list for pay boosts, mothers are also finding themselves penalised for spending fewer nights in the office – over a third (36%) believe this is the main reason their career isn’t progressing.

It’s not just less time at the desk which is holding mothers back in the office. 23% believe that they’re not where they should be professionally because they can’t attend networking events – or any outside of 9-5 hours.

Almost a quarter (23%) are also struggling to travel as part of their job, or to go overseas for business, leaving them trailing in the competition with colleagues to get promoted.

A staggering two-thirds (65%) of mothers believe they could have a higher job title if they hadn’t become a parent – even though a fifth (21%) had already put their family on hold to try and progress in their career.

The Start Up Loans Company provides low-interest funding, alongside free mentoring and support to new business owners. A total of 250 million has been lent to microbusinesses across the UK since 2012 and 39% of loan recipients are women.

More women want control over their work-life balance but aren’t finding it’s possible in their workplace. By starting their own business mums across the UK can create their own income and spend more time with their family. It’s our mission to help empower women to be able to do this. A pay rise shouldn’t be based on who decides to leave the office on time. A serious portion of parents, 43%, are already unable to pick their child up from school every day due to work demands. By starting your own business you’re able to decide when you work and can shape this around your children’s needs – so you’re finally able to see their starring role in the school play. Inflexible working hours are leading mothers to become their own boss and a business owner. It may seem daunting to launch a start up, especially with a family, but sometimes it can create the perfect balance. At the Start Up Loans Company we provide mentoring and support so that you’ve got guidance and advice on hand. Forging a successful career for yourself when you have children is achievable. Tim Sawyer CEO of the Start Up Loans Company

Claudi & Fin, was founded in May 2014 by London mums Meriel Kehoe and Lucy Betterton who met at their children’s playgroup. They struggled to find alternatives to unhealthy lollies on the market and launched their all-natural frozen lolly brand with the help of a £14,000 Government-backed Start Up Loan. They now have a listing with Tesco and stockists include Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Budgens.

Claudi and Fin
Becoming my own boss has given me greater control over the everyday tasks associated with being a mum. Before launching Claudi & Fin, I worked in television full-time but I decided to start my own business to spend more time with my son. Our idea for all-natural frozen lollies allowed me to do this and now I can manage my priorities as a mother and a successful business woman. The Start Up Loan Company’s funding helped us transform a simple idea into a profitable business and our assigned mentor gave us practical first-hand experience on starting a business, which was invaluable in the initial stages of launching the venture. Meriel Kehoe Co-founder of Claudi & Fin