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Transmit Startups

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Supporting start ups across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with finance, support and mentoring.

Supporting Businesses In: England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Company Description

Transmit Start-Ups provides finance, business support and mentoring for start ups throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We help hundreds of businesses every year, with the sole purpose of ensuring their long term success.

Transmit Start-Ups is made up of a team of experienced entrepreneurs who understand what is involved in starting and growing businesses.

Transmit is an official Start Up Loans Delivery Partner and has a team of experienced business advisers who work closely with applicants to help prepare their business plan and cash flow forecast. Once an application is complete, Transmit Start-Ups will also make the loan decision and provide ongoing mentoring support to successful applicants.


I am really proud to be the recipient of the 1000th loan from Transmit Start-Ups, it’s a massive milestone.

- Kirsty Gurr, The Alchemist Cocktails