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Start up businesses for parents

Parents: children could be key to your next business venture

Three quarters of British parents have dreamt about starting their own company. That’s just one of the many key findings from our British Business Dreamers survey.

We’ve been asking the nation all about their attitudes towards going it alone in the world of business, including the reasons why so many people choose not to pursue their ambitions.

The survey made it clear that there were many contributing factors, which prevented people from being able to start a business. Interestingly, ‘family’ ranked highly in this list.

But, have you ever stopped to think about how your children could inspire your next big idea?

Children are the future: taking business inspiration from your kids

A number of parents have found success with the help of a Start Up Loan. But how can anyone balance the pressures of starting a business with family life?

The answer is simple: many mums and dads are taking inspiration from their children, as well as their own experiences as parents.

A lot of business owners have based their ideas around making life safer and more enjoyable for children.

Start Up Business success stories – Shortcuts children’s hair salon

For David O’Neal, founder of kids’ hair salon Shortcuts, it was about making the experience of getting a haircut more enjoyable for children.

With the help of a Start Up Loan, David was able to make his ‘just for kids’ salon a reality.

The interactive chairs and games consoles in his Milton Keynes salon have proved a huge hit with both young children and their parents.

Business ideas from your inner child

Do you remember what it was like for you growing up?

Asking questions of your inner child is just one of the many ways that you can seek inspiration for your business idea.

For instance, can you think of a fun childhood game that could help to encourage new generation of children to get outside and active?

One concern for the nation’s parents is that are children aren’t getting the exercise they require. Why not develop a new game that promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst kids?

Trialling your product – children make the best product testers

Product testing is key to gauging the potential success of your product or service. However, there’s no need to shell out on questionnaires and surveys – just ask your children.

You can always count on your children to give an unbiased opinion on any business model, especially if your idea is specifically targeting them.

You could also speak to other parents, their teachers, and parent clubs and sports groups to gather a wider opinion on your business plan.

Enlist the help of your children to get your business off the ground

We’ve previously looked at the benefits of starting a business as a parent, including the reasons why flexibility is so important to many adults.

We spoke to Karen Boyd, another parent who has found success with her start up company.

Karen’s son inspired Pizzado, a business specialising in pizza making kits. She is just one of the many parent success stories we’ve seen here at Start Up Loans.

Take inspiration from your children and you may find yourself a step closer to achieving your business hopes and ambitions.

Want to know what three quarters of Brits would judge as a successful business salary? Read more about our British Business Dreamers survey to find out.

Or download the full Start Up Business Dreamers survey results.


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