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Free resources to help employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing can be an essential factor in creating a positive work environment.

A survey by CIPD opens in new window found that 27% of organisations with a health and wellbeing strategy reported improved productivity, and 46% claimed improved employee morale and engagement opens in new window.

Improving employee wellbeing isn’t the preserve of large businesses.

Smaller businesses and start-ups can implement many free, cheap, and effective ways to support employee wellbeing opens in new window, whatever the size and makeup of their team.


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What is employee wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is the overall mental and physical health of your employees.

Factors that can influence wellbeing include:


Why should employers care about wellbeing?

Poor employee wellbeing can negatively impact your business.

Issues related to employee wellbeing such as increased absence, presenteeism, lack of motivation and productivity, high staff turnover, and a reduced work standard can potentially hinder business growth opens in new window.

A report by Deloitte opens in new window estimates that employee absence due to poor mental health can cost businesses around £7bn a year and £9bn in turnover costs.

The HSE opens in new window reports that 32.5 million working days were lost in 2019/2020 due to work-related ill-health.

With more employee support and wellbeing help, this number could be reduced, minimising business costs.



Free wellbeing resources

Start-ups and small businesses may lack the funds used by larger firms to implement formal employee wellbeing strategies.

However, there are free resources available that you can use to boost employee wellbeing.



Mind is a mental health charity that provides free resources you can share with employees to help boost their wellbeing.

It also provides resources for employee looking to develop a positive mental health culture in the workplace.

Resources include:

Visit Mind opens in new window for more free advice, downloadable guides, and booklets.


Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full is an online library providing information, resources, and courses supporting those with mental wellbeing difficulties opens in new window, health conditions, and illnesses.

It offers resources such as helping to cope with chronic pain opens in new window and how to tackle low moods opens in new window.

Find more information at Living Life to the Full opens in new window.


NHS audio guides

The NHS has a selection of different audio guides designed to help boost wellbeing.

These vary from topics such as anxiety control training to low confidence and assertiveness.

Find out more at the NHS website opens in new window.


Learn with Start Up Loans

Designed to support start-up business owners and their teams, Learn with Start Up Loans has free learning resources dedicated to mental health and wellbeing in conjunction with The Open University.

Guides include:

Visit Learn with Start Up Loans opens in new window to discover more free learning courses.



The Government website offers guidance on the legal responsibilities opens in new window an employer has regarding their employees.

Visit the employment portal opens in new window for more.



The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a handy guide for understanding the basics of workplace health and safety including managing mental health conditions opens in new window, navigating the pressures of working alone opens in new window, and dealing with stress at work opens in new window.


Mental Health At Work

Mental Health At Work has links to free resources to help anyone within a business.

From leadership opens in new window and management to employees and volunteers, there are links to guides, advice and information, and playlists/series that tackle different areas of wellbeing.

Visit Mental Health at Work opens in new window for the entire range of resources suitable for various levels in the business.


Everymind at Work

Everymind at Work is an organisation that supports individuals struggling with their wellbeing.

It has free, downloadable resources for both employees and employers.

Visit Everymind at Work opens in new window to access additional resources such as risk assessment forms.


Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation has a free downloadable guide opens in new window on how to support employee mental health.

It offers tips to support wellbeing and a video on how to talk about your feelings.

Find the guide on the Mental health Foundation opens in new window site.


Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK delivers support and services to people struggling with their wellbeing.

It has a variety of downloadable resources, including:

Visit Mental Health UK opens in new window for further guidance and resources.



ACAS has a downloadable framework sheet to encourage a positive environment in the workplace.

It shows the importance and roles of each employee in the business, including management, and how everyone has a role in helping boost employee wellbeing.

Download the framework from ACAS opens in new window.



MindTools helps individuals feel more supported in their jobs and encourages them to have happy careers.

Its guide to Improving Physical Health and Wellbeing at Work opens in new window focuses on the dangers of sitting down for extended periods and offers practical ways to boost physical wellbeing.



Welbot focuses on the health and wellbeing of employees.

It has various resources on physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

It offers guides on areas such as hydration in the workplace and the benefits of physical exercise.

Find the resources at Welbot opens in new window.

Read our guide for the best ways to enhance employee wellbeing opens in new window.


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Our free Learn with Start Up Loans courses opens in new window include:

Plus free courses on climate and sustainability, teamwork, entrepreneurship, mental health and wellbeing.


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