The importance of marketing for a start-up business

Learn five key benefits of marketing your business, and why marketing is crucial when it comes to building a business that's sustainable over the long term.

Marketing is like the heart of your business. For your business to survive, it needs marketing, and the stronger it is the healthier your business will be.

Without marketing, your business could have ground-breaking, industry-transforming products and services that satisfy your customers’ needs, but never have the chance to reach your target audience. As a result, your company’s sales may not achieve your targets and you’re likely to find it more difficult to develop your business.

We’ve selected what we believe to be the five key benefits marketing brings to your business, and how it has the power to help you build the business you desire.

1. It spreads your name

Good marketing helps you to put your products and services at the front of every customer’s mind. Marketing helps you to establish your brand, and makes you the first option to turn to when in need of a specific product.

Take Apple, for example. If someone needs a brand-new smartphone, it’s likely that an Apple product is one of, if not the first, option that person considers. In fact, in 2020 Apple announced that the total number of active Apple devices has surpassed 1 billion. And guess what? Their (revered) marketing campaigns were pivotal in the company reaching this milestone and making it the global giant it is today.

2. It boosts your sales

Once you’ve found a way into your customers’ consciousness, your chances of being able to sell your product, service, or brand to them have significantly improved. What’s more, once you’ve become visible to your audience, your company will be the name on their lips, and word of the quality of your products and services will spread. Without marketing, these sales wouldn’t have been possible.

3. It helps you gain and retain customers

Once your brand has built solid foundations and made its name, marketing will enable you to retain your customers and create a solid following of loyal consumers – a critical factor in not losing ground to the fresh and trendy products that hit the market.

4. It enhances your company’s reputation

Any success you achieve with your business will rely heavily on having a strong, trustworthy reputation. Your marketing will build brand-name recognition, and as your reputation grows so too will your business and sales. Your ever-growing reputation will therefore be built on strong and smart communication and the quality of what you offer your audience – and marketing is a vital component in all of this.

5. It saves you time

By promoting your product or service through marketing, your business will boost its sales and reach your target audience considerably faster. Effective marketing helps you to get discovered by your audience and engage with them – while also enabling you to get on with the other duties critical to your business’ success.

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