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Take the Leap: The five things female founders want

What do female founders need from the existing business and social ecosystems?

This was the question on everyone’s lips as 12 female founders gathered for our recent Nurture Network roundtable, held on International Women’s Day and in collaboration with British Business Bank’s campaign Take the leap, start-up, innovate and thrive.

Here are just a few of the big (and little) ideas our brilliant female founders put forward:

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Raise awareness of key

“I want people to know the many reasons why they should invest in women. For example, when I pitch, I’ll tell them the truth because trust is not built on over-promises.”

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, founder of Tapoly

More investors as allies

“The investment space is very cliquey.
If we had more women helping to let us into the space, mentor us, train us and give us the lowdown on who and where we need to go to build relationships it would be so much easier.”

Audrey A-Kuklewski, founder of Olyinka Lingerie

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Solve the childcare challenge

“Every aspect of society assumes women are the first port of call when it comes to children. We should takeinspiration from places like Scandinavia where they have equal paternity leave and much higher participation of women in work.”

Lucy Watson, Co-founder and COO, Cyoda

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Investors need to check their bias

“I’d like investors, market players and others to consider and revisit their own bias – it’s making it
difficult for all of us. We should have a fair chance.”

– Sharon Obuobi, founder, Oarbt

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Let’s collaborate

“As a collective, why don’t we put the challenge to VCs and ask if they have mentorship programmes and ways to introduce investors to the underfunded minority.”

Meredith Odgers, founder, BambooWorx


This article and content were originally published on as part of the partnership activity between Lemon Quarters and British Business Bank entitled, ‘Take the Leap. Start-up, Innovate and Thrive’. Written by Lemon Quarters.