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Specialist webinars

Below you'll find a selection of webinars covering a range of business areas, all delivered by industry experts and successful business owners, and available for you to enjoy whenever and wherever it suits you.

Specialist Webinars

Tools for building your own website

While it can be tempting to spend a lot of money on business cards and snazzy websites, a lot of the time it’s not necessary. In most instances, you should be investing your money on improving your product rather than on decorative additions.

In this webinar, Ben Keene will discuss how to build a website that will do the job on a tight budget.

Speaker: Ben Keene, Tribewanted

Marketing 101

Successfully marketing your business to attract paying customers is essential, but it can be tricky to find ways of doing it without spending a fortune.

This webinar will focus on defining your business and content strategy, developing your key message and determining your paid and unpaid marketing channels.

Speaker: Matt Doyle, Launchcloud

Introduction to branding

As a start up, it’s really important to consider what your brand stands for, what your values are and what you want to present to customers. Getting this right helps shape everything that you do going forward!

This introductory webinar will show you how you can start to develop a brand that’s attractive to customers on little or no budget.

Speaker: Scott Leonard, The Champion Agency


How to manage your cash flow

Small businesses often start out using Excel for accounting but soon realise that it is only feasible up to a point. As your business evolves and grows, so too will your needs.

In this webinar, leading accounting software company, Xero, explains why and how you can use online software to streamline your accounts and better manage your cash flow.

Speaker: Paul Bulpitt, Xero


How to start a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding can be a rock solid launch platform for a product and a great way to avoid giving up large chunks of your company to angel investors or getting into further debt. But how do you get started?

In this webinar, John Auckland, founder of the crowdfunding agency TribeFirst, will offer his top tips for creating a successful campaign.

Speaker: John Auckland, Tribefirst


Common legal mistakes

Starting up a business is a thrilling journey but it is also a real learning curve that can have steep consequences if you are not careful.

This webinar will help you educate yourself on the most common legal pitfalls of starting up. While every business makes mistakes, educating yourself early will help avoid them. Why learn the hard way?

Speaker: Anita Sivapalan, TMT Lawyer Dentons


Strategising your tribe

Getting people interested before your launch is essential. It means you’ll hit the ground running, with a ready-made base looking forward to using your product or service.

In this webinar, Matt Doyle will give you tips on how to develop your marketing strategy and manage your marketing budget to get consumers engaged as early as possible.

Speaker: Matt Doyle, Launchcloud


Introduction to procurement

It’s not hard to dream as an entrepreneur. You think your product and/or service is the best there is out there and everyone is going to buy it. But how realistic is it that your products will be bought by big brand buyers?

This webinar will help you understand what buyers are looking for in order to be able to demonstrate that you are ready.

Speaker: Nick Wilkinson, Virgin Trains


How to export

Exporting: it’s no longer just for big corporations. Now businesses at any stage can be empowered to look for international opportunities, grow their business and get on the global stage. But how do you get started on this awesome international adventure?

This webinar is designed to help you understand what’s involved and where to start.

Speaker: Ian Manzie, Department for International Trade


Social media marketing tips

When you’re an entrepreneur, people are investing in you as well as your product or service, so it’s vital that you develop a strong personal brand.

In this webinar, Ceyda Sezer, who built a huge online following as a plus-size model and is now launching her own clothing range, will shares tips for building your brand through social media.

Speaker: Ceyda Sezer


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