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Why not download one of our free toolkits?

Each toolkit is designed to support you in establishing and growing your business.

The Social Media toolkit for start-up businesses front cover

Our Social Media Toolkit has been designed to help you establish a sustainable social media presence for your new business.

  • Choosing the right social media platforms for your business
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Techniques you can use to save time and money
  • Using social media advertising to build your business
  • How to monitor competitors on social media
The PR toolkit for start-up businesses front cover

Do you need help with PR?

Our free guide will help you with:

  • Creating press releases
  • Working with journalists
  • Engaging with social media
  • Maximising your website

You don’t need an endless marketing budget to compete with big companies for media coverage.

The SEO toolkit for start-up businesses front cover

Get your business noticed online.

It covers all the key areas you will need to think about:

  • Discovering keywords and how to use them
  • Content creation and how it can boost your website
  • How to structure your site with search engines in mind
  • Backlinks and how to get them
  • Registering with Google.
The Marketing toolkit for start-up businesses front cover

Find out how to increase awareness of your business with our Marketing Toolkit.

  • How to research your target market and test your business idea
  • Creating a marketing plan and setting goals effectively
  • Building a business website and attracting online customers
  • Low-cost options for on and offline advertising, affiliate marketing and PR
  • Free and cheap ways to market your business on a shoestring budget
The Essntial guidet for start-up businesses front cover

Why not also download our free Essential Guide to Starting a Business?

It covers all the key areas you will need to consider to get your start up going:

  • Conducting market research on customers and competitors
  • Choosing a company structure
  • Figuring out your insurance and tax requirements
  • Developing your business strategy and sales forecast
  • Writing your business plan.

Need finance to kickstart your business journey?