The Start Up Loans Company is committed to upholding your privacy as a valued customer and user of this or any other Start Up Loans website. The personal data (‘Data’) we collect, process of use about you is held securely and treated in accordance with the below Policy. Whenever you provide us Data, you are consenting to its collection and use as explained in the attached Policies, including our use of ‘cookies‘. (The Start Up Loans Company Privacy and Data)

We operate an integrated communications programme, which means we use your Data to communicate with you through several different channels; including direct mail and email. Our aim is to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news from The Start Up Loans Company, however if you feel you no longer wish to receive direct mail or email communications from us, you are able to ‘opt out’ of them individually at any time (Privacy and Data-sharing Policy – Annex A).

If you would like to contact us at any time in regards to these Policies or their content, please email


Treating customers fairly remains at the heart of SULCo’s programme, if you feel that we have not provided the service level you expected to receive, then please let us know.

Abusive behaviour toward our staff and partners
Any abusive or aggressive behaviour toward our Delivery Partners and Start Up Loans staff will not be tolerated and will result in your application being declined with immediate effect.

This includes aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour of any kind (written or verbal). Any form of this behaviour will not be acceptable.

We will also consider any remarks made of a racial or discriminatory nature as abusive behaviour and reserve the right to not deal with any such individual.