Pure L’amour

Heuritshi Pitra received a loan of £7000 from Start Up Loans to help fund her clothing business, Pure L’amour.

Heuritshi Pitra, founder of Pure Lamour

The company first launched in August 2015, but Heuritshi received her funding later on in September 2016, and she was able to open a store in North West London with this. The brand’s aim is to offer sophisticated and modern outfits for women that want to look chic and stylish, but comfortable as well. The clothing line consists of cleanly cut, vibrant materials which are textured and feature unexpected combinations of African and European fabrics. This creates unique garments suitable for day-to-day wear, the office or special occasions.

Heuritshi was raised and educated in Lisbon, Portugal and also London. Her multicultural upbringing exposed her to a diverse way of living and this inspired her clothing line. She worked as a pattern-maker for four years before launching Pure L’amour and has over eight years’ experience in the fashion industry. Heuritshi enjoys experimenting with different styles to create unique looks, and has developed a real passion for designing and making clothes – this was why she decided to make a career from her creative skills.

Pure Lamour label

Heuritshi does everything herself and has not employed anyone else so far. She has faced some challenges with marketing the business and generating brand awareness. However, she says that in the first few months of opening her shop, customer awareness of her presence grew and people now travel from far afield to buy clothes from Pure L’amour. Heuritshi has attended Luton Fashion Week and Pure London 2015, which is an exhibition for fashion retailers. She plans on attending more fashion events and exhibitions in 2017.

Heuritshi would love to get Pure L’amour stocked in department stores, and open another store in London in the next 12 months. She wants to expand her business and make an international footprint in the industry – Pure L’amour already receives orders from the UK, Portugal and the Middle East.

Heuritshi has attended a few events focusing on start up businesses, organised by her delivery partner Fashion Angel. She hasn’t used any of her free mentoring sessions yet, as she has been so busy running Pure L’amour, but she says she will definitely do so in the near future.

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