Neill Sports Ltd

David is currently at the last stage of his application and business plan; it has been approved by NWES and has now been passed to SULCo for final approval with a loan amount of £10500.

Once David receives his funding, his first step will be to purchase the franchise he based his business plan on -a leisure league franchise- and will open a Limited Company called Neill Sports Ltd. He expects to launch the business later this year.

David will run his business from his home in Chelmsford, Essex, and from third party venues. He expects to be in a position to hire staff in his second year of trading.

Prior to applying for a Start Up loan, David worked in management for two of the largest companies in the country. He will continue working as a manager to help fund and expand his new business, but plans to commit to it full-time eventually. His reasons for wanting to start his own business stem from beating cancer in 2014/15, and a desire for more control in his life.

After beating cancer, David organised a series of football charity events and realised his potential as an events organiser. This gave him the confidence to investigate running his own business. David is determined to achieve his goals and, with a new baby on the way, hopes to be more present at home for his growing family.

David says that:

“The application process has been great. I got fast responses and was put on to a business adviser straight away. The Christmas break slowed everything down a bit but overall it has very educational and worthwhile.”

David is currently waiting for SULCO to approve his application and looks forward to signing the paperwork that will allow him to fulfil his business dream.

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