Inferno Media

Mitchell first started his business, Inferno Media, a social media agency, when he was 17 years old. When he turned 18 he was able to get funding from Start Up Loans to help build his start up business. When Mitchell was at school he made a Twitter account that went viral by gaining 150,000 followers in just four weeks. He realised he had a talent and a real interest in social media – and believed he could help other businesses. This inspired him to start Inferno Media.

Since starting up, Inferno Media has just grown and grown, and Mitchell has managed to open two offices in Bournemouth and London and is looking for another city to open up a third office.

Mitchell has experienced some challenges with managing finances and finding the right office space, but is looking to open an additional one in Manchester as it is a hot-spot for fresh, new businesses. Inferno Media has some international clients, and Mitchell aims to win over some big contracts over the coming year.

Mitchell currently has 8 employees but plans on employing more staff in the near future as he expands his business. He still takes advantage of mentoring sessions, and said he found the whole process with Start Up Loans smooth and efficient.

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