Blueshift GP

Nicholas Roe has been working on his company, Blueshift GP, for one and a half years, and (after extensive research, development, overcoming multiple legal, licensing and trademark obstacles) is set to launch Blueshift GP on March 15th at a gallery in Chelsea, London.

Blueshift GP creates artwork inspired by the highly secretive world of Formula One™ car design, with plans to expand this to aviation, cruise ships and other automotive sectors.

The creative inspiration behind Blueshift’s designs lies in the stunning computer imagery generated by the aerodynamic analysis of fluids around a 3D object, otherwise know as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) – in effect, a computer-generated wind tunnel. Blueshift have signed a five-year exclusive contract with Williams Racing™, the very first F1 team to release previously highly classified design images as an art form and, following the public launch on March 15th, is looking to sell these unique and captivating artworks across the world.

Nicholas has always been fascinated by aerodynamics, starting his career as a pilot. From there he spent many years working in F1, and here Nicholas came across CDF images of Formula One™ cars. He was immediately enthralled by the beauty of these images.

A Computational Fluid Dynamics sketch of a formula one car

He saw them as unique and fascinating artworks and saw a business opportunity to print and sell these exclusive images as entirely new artworks to motorsport, automotive and engineering enthusiasts and fans.

Nicholas has faced challenges getting to the point of launching his product. He has had to fund lots of the project with his own savings, which has been tough financially. His business also shifted its direction midway through the project, which, with limited funds, required tremendous work and dedication.

Having got through these challenges, Nicholas is very excited for the future of Blueshift GP. He has signed up with a highly reputable and established distribution partner and after the launch in Chelsea will sell his artworks across the world. He has further plans to do shows in the Middle East, a very big market for Formula One™. He is also working on plans to work on marketing events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the British Grand Prix and other selected high-profile events.

Looking ahead, Nicholas isn’t just content with settling with Formula One™, he also wants to create prints of the aerodynamic process of automobiles (other than F1), aviation and particularly cruise ships.

Nicholas has been very pleased and impressed with the Start Up Loans experience, describing himself as being “very heartened and surprised that Start Up Loans would take on a project as unique and innovative as this, I’m very grateful”.

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