Arrea Limited

Antimo is the founder of Arrea Limited, a commercial science company situated in London, which is trying to find ways for people to tackle air pollution in a personal capacity. The company is currently focusing on a vegetable fruit drink which will go to market as a vitamin health drink. There is more to the drink than this though, it is currently going through clinical trials, which if successful will prove that the drink can help to fight against the adverse effects of air pollution by reducing the oxidative stress caused by air pollution.

Antimo comes from a background of graphic design, but after moving to London in 2009, his asthma got steadily worse. After finding out that this was a result of air pollution, Antimo wanted to do something about it for both himself and others. He didn’t just want to wait for governments and cities to tackle air pollution, he wanted to do something new, and make something to help people fight back against air pollution in their own capacity.

Air pollution is if course a huge global problem, and in London it is thought that 9500 people die prematurely every year because of it. The issue is even worse in cities such as Delhi in India. There is currently very little people can do in these cities to protect themselves from air pollution.

There is a void in the market for a product which can help to tackle the adverse effects of air pollution. Antimo believes he has this product in Arrea Limited’s fruit and vegetable juice. Since setting up Arrea Limited, the business has mostly been focusing on research and development. Last year it received €100,000 and employed seven interns to help with this process. The company now employs two people, an engineer and a head of operations. Arrea Limited is looking to start sales in late March 2017 and to further market their product.

Arrea has faced challenges since its inception. Putting the fruit and vegetable juice through various clinical trials requires a tremendous amount of organisation and can be very costly. The company is eagerly awaiting the results of these trials, as, if they are successful as Antimo believes they will be, there will be incredible potential for the business.

In the future Antimo also wants Arrea to broaden its product range, producing air quality managers and blood test kits for air quality.

Antimo has been very pleased with the support he has received from the Start Up Loans Company so far, describing it as being:

“very straightforward and empowering. The mentor was very good and helped to instil confidence. The process of going through the cash flow forecast was also very helpful.”

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