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Your Registration

Unfortunately, based on the information you have provided, you are currently not eligible to apply for a Start Up Loan.

Depending on the answers you provided, you may be ineligible due to one or more of the reasons listed below:


  • Your business is not, or will not be, based in the UK.
    In order to be eligible for a Start Up Loan, your business must be a UK registered company and/or registered in the UK for tax purposes.
  • You are not a UK resident.
    You must be living in the UK at the time of your application and be free to work in the UK on a full-time basis with no restrictions on the type of work or self-employment.
  • Your business has been trading for more than 24 months.
    Currently, the Start Up Loan scheme is only able to support new businesses and those trading for no more than 24 months. To find out what finance options are available to help you grow your business, you can use the British Business Bank’s Find Finance Options tool.
  • Your business or loan purpose is not eligible under the terms of the scheme.
    While we can support most business types, unfortunately there are a few that we are unable to support. Please visit our eligibility page for a full list of all excluded business types. 
  • You are under the age of 18.
    The Start Up Loan scheme can only lend to applicants who are 18 years or older at their time of application. Please contact us again when you are of age and in the meantime, why not download our Essential Guide to Starting a Business, so you are all ready to go when you turn 18?

If you have any questions, or think you may have made a mistake, please contact us.


Other options for support

While we cannot assist you at this time, others may be able to help.