Delivery Partners

The Start Up Loans Company has identified a national distribution network of Delivery Partners who operate across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Delivery Partners are organisations who work with aspiring entrepreneurs to provide lending, and pre-business and post-loan support. Support includes business counselling, mentoring, workshops, training and peer connections. Delivery Partners work closely with applicants from day 1 through the life of their loan to ensure their businesses have the best chance of success.

*If you apply for a loan, on submission of the application form your details will be passed on to one of our Delivery Partners based on your address details. You will be contacted within 4 working days to progress your application. If you have a preference for the Delivery Partner you wish to work with please select ‘Yes’ in response to the question ‘Do you have a preference of which local partner provides your loan?’ then select the name of your chosen Delivery Partner form the drop down list. You can see the list of Delivery Partners below.

 Once you are allocated to a Deliver partner you will not be able to move to another partner, therefore if you have a preference you must mention it before hand. Individuals can only apply for one Start Up Loan with one delivery partner. 

**If you have received or applied for a loan through the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme, you must go to the same Delivery Partner when applying for a loan through the Start Up Loans Programme

New Delivery Partner Applications
Currently, we are at capacity and are not accepting new applications for Delivery Partners unless the organisation specialises in support for applicants over 50 years of age, parents returning to work and/or other underserved communities. All delivery partner applications must show a strong track record of delivering excellent, high-quality support to start-ups and a commitment to helping new businesses grow. Prospective Delivery Partners must also demonstrate experience making quality lending decisions and an understanding of the spirit of the Start Up Loans scheme. It is essential that prospective partners have the ability to offer at least 15 hours of mentoring, and ongoing training and support to every individual that receives a startup loan.

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Corporate Partners

The Start Up Loans Company have secured, through a number of Corporate Partnerships, some fantastic deals for all successful loan recipients. These Corporate Partners are actively engaged with The Start Up Loans Company, providing offers on a number of business products and services to equip an entrepreneur with the tools they need to help their business succeed. If you would like to enquire about becoming an exclusive provider of goods and services to Start Up loans recipients, please email

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Referral Partners

There are many organisations who speak with people daily around the topic of business and enterprise, but may not be able or willing to deliver the full range of pre-business and post-loan support that we require. We still want to work with these organisations to help those in their network to access the finance and support they need to launch a successful business. These types of organisations work with us as Referral Partners. They signpost aspiring entrepreneurs to the Start Up Loans website using one of our tailored micro sites and we notify them of successful applications. For further information please contact