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Our New Customer Portal

We are committed to continually improving our customer experience and as part of this, we're in the process of launching a new online Customer Portal.

Improving your experience

We know there are a lot of things to think about when you’re starting or growing a new business.

That’s why we have developed our new online Customer Portal to make the process of applying for a Start Up Loan as clear and simple as possible.

This new Customer Portal will give customers the ability to complete a full application online, and make it easier and quicker to connect with a Business Adviser.

Before we roll this Customer Portal out to all applicants, we’re piloting it first with a small number of randomly selected customers.

Find out more about how we’re rolling out this new system in the FAQs below.

A quicker overall process
More convenient to use and access
Support when you need it
Greater visibility over your progress
All your information in one place

Find out more:

How are you selecting which customers participate in the pilot?
As the Customer Portal is a new system, we are launching it to a small number of customers initially to help us identify any potential fixes or improvements. Customers will be randomly selected by our system during the registration process and will be notified if they have been chosen to participate on the final page of the registration form.
How will I know if I've been selected to participate in the pilot?
The pilot is commencing on Monday 24th April 2017, and any new customers who complete our registration form may be randomly selected to participate in the pilot.

If you are selected, you will be notified on the final page of the registration form. If you are not notified at this stage, then it means you have not been selected and will continue with your application based on our existing process. Either way, you will be given clear instructions about how to proceed.

Any individuals who registered with The Start Up Loans Company prior to the 24th April 2017 will not be included in the Pilot.

When will you be rolling the new Customer Portal out to all customers?
After the initial period of testing this new system, our intention is to gradually roll it out to more and more customers, with all Start Up Loan applicants using the Customer Portal by early 2018.
If you're moving to an online system, does that mean customers won't get to work with a Business Adviser in the future?
No this won’t change the support customers receive from our Business Advisers. If anything, it will enhance it by ensuring our Business Advisers have all customer information up front and can focus on providing the right assistance for each applicant’s needs.

In launching this new Customer Portal, our goal is to simplify, reduce and automate any manual procedures that slow down our processing of applications so that we can invest more time supporting customers in developing strong and viable business plans.

Will I be disadvantaged if I'm not applying through this new Customer Portal?
No. In keeping with our commitment to treating customer fairly, we strive to ensure that every individual has a fair experience of the Start Up Loans scheme, no matter how they apply or who they are supported by. However, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service team for more information if you have any concerns.
Can I access the Customer Portal via any device (desktop, mobile, tablet etc.)?
Yes however, for the best experience, we recommend using a desktop computer because the system is not fully optimised for mobile viewing. This is something we will continue to improve in the future.
Who should I speak to if I have any questions, concerns or feedback about the pilot?
Please contact our Customer Service team if you would like to find out more about the pilot of our Customer Portal. You can reach them via the contact us page on our website or by calling 0344 264 2600, weekdays 9.00am to 6.00pm excluding bank holidays.

If you are trialling the system, we’d really value your feedback if you spot anything that you think we can improve. We encourage you to provide this by contacting our Customer Service team.