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Join Bartercard for free and get new customers and improved cash flow

Offer Details

Bartercard can help you grow and bring you additional customers by promoting your business to over 3,000 companies in the UK. Bartercard provides you with an interest free line of credit. You can maintain your line of credit through exchanging the products and services of your business with other businesses that are part of the Bartercard network. You can also use this credit to buy things that you use every day in your business or personal life (e.g. offering your services as a legal business in return for an equal value of office supplies).

The Bartercard service enables you to save your cash and effectively pay for what you want using the new business that we bring you. In using the service you can reduce your cost of borrowing and offset costs to improve your cash flow.

The exclusive offer to Start Up Loans recipients waives the usual joining fee of £150, so you have all the benefits for no up-front investment.

Company Details

Bartercard is the world’s largest business to business trade exchange with 55,000 cardholders globally and operating on 9 countries. They have offices throughout the UK so build a local presence wherever we operate.

They provide a huge network of businesses that trade together and offer a dedicated market not available to your competitors. It’s an alternative way of trading goods or services that is cash free and you can buy and sell with a personal card and pay or be paid with a simple voucher, on-line, or even through their award winning mobile app.

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