Claudi & Fin – Start Up Loans Ambassador

Who are Claudi & Fin?

Meriel and Lucy are the founders of Claudi & Fin, a healthy frozen yogurt lolly business. Their ice lollies for children have national distribution through major retailers like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Budgens.

Claudi & Fin’s Story

Meriel met Lucy at a local playgroup and after finding they had mutual interests in healthy and delicious food a plan was hatched. Using the discerning tastebuds of their own children and their own kitchen at home, they began testing flavours for a healthy alternative to traditional ice lollies.

They entered a Pitchup with Sainsbury’s event and a few weeks later were asked to supply an initial 250 stores with Claudi & Fin products. They used their Start Up Loan for funding to grow and meet the demands of major retailers.

“At that time we were making 40 lollies at home in our kitchen, Sainsbury’s rung us up and said we’d like 16,000.”

Why did we choose Claudi & Fin as an Ambassador?

With a turnover of around £750,000 and products stocked in 700 stores across the UK and Ireland, Claudi & Fin are an undeniable success story. They may make running a business look easy but their hard-work and determination to make their business work is an inspiration to anyone putting off starting up because they haven’t got a qualification in business or accountancy.

“I always say to Meriel I’ve got an L-Plate on, it’s a steep learning curve but there’s never a moment when I don’t think we’ll get through this.” – Lucy, Co-founder of Claudi & Fin

Two £7,000 Start Up Loans and some business support was all Claudi & Fin needed to take their business idea to the next level.

Claudi & Fin


Why did Claudi & Fin choose a Start Up Loan?

A package of support and finance was what mattered to Lucy and Meriel. Alongside the finance they took advantage of the business advice and free mentoring on offer to make sure their business had every chance of success.

“They give you the cash and the support to make it work, it’s a package that can’t be beaten.”- Meriel, Co-founder of Claudi & Fin

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