Becoming a Mumpreneur

Yasmina Siadatan, former Creative Director at Start Up Loans, discusses being a working mother

Being a mother of two young children and working full time I understand the pressures working mums are under on many levels. I’m truly passionate that being your own boss is a real and viable solution to the practical and emotional issues facing women who need to bring an income into the household.

Start Up Loans encourages returning mothers to become “Mumpreneurs” for many reasons. Firstly the flexibility of being your own boss lends itself perfectly to being a mother. Also you can choose your industry. If you are going to leave your children for hours a day it needs to be for something rewarding and enjoyable. I would argue there is nothing more rewarding as being your own boss, and choosing your industry.

Why mums are good business owners

We have heard time and time again that returning mothers make great entrepreneurs and business owners due to skills such as timekeeping, pressures to support your children and the often high skill set many women in the 30s have accrued over the years. While all this is valid and true, I would like to bring a new dimension to the argument. Many women have little alternative. Part time jobs rarely exist and childcare costs often mitigate the financial incentive of working full time, so being your own boss is now often a better choice, if indeed you are lucky enough to even have the choice.

Now is the time to take your skills as a mum and channel them into creating something special, your own business!

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