Business tips from Start Up Loans Ambassadors

Are you thinking of starting a business or want to grow your early stage venture but need some guidance?

You’ve come to the right place. We believe that learning from those who have gone through the journey of starting a business already is one of the best ways to help your own start up succeed. That’s why we asked our Start Up Loans Ambassadors to give you their tips and advice from the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Our six Ambassadors are from a range of sectors and based across the UK and have all received a Start Up Loan to help get their businesses off the ground. They have fantastic experience of turning their business ambitions in to a reality, changing their lives in the process. These are real business owners giving their personal insight and talking about their experiences, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame certain issues.

We asked the ambassadors for their advice on the five key areas to focus on when starting a business:

We also asked them what they wish they had known when they started. By watching the video series, you will hopefully gain some insight and knowledge into all the key things to consider, learning from people who have been through the journey already.

Lesson 1 – Market Research

Why it is vital to do your research when deciding whether or not to make your business idea a reality.


Lesson 2 – Finance

On how finance can make all the difference for a start up and how to choose a source of funding.


Lesson 3 – Finding the right location

How to find the best premises for your start up and the pros and cons of different work spaces.


Lesson 4 – Marketing and branding

The marketing techniques to use to get your start up noticed on a low budget.


Lesson 5 – Finding manufacturers and suppliers

How to find the right manufacturers and suppliers and what to look out for when making a deal.


Lesson 6 – What I wish I’d known when I started

The wisdom that only comes with having gone through the start up journey and learning on the job.

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